Our Founder

Cheryl Yannotti Foland

Cheryl Yannotti Foland spent over a decade in the beauty industry, running the West Coast operations of Arcade Beauty and working with a variety of brands on product launches, promotions and marketing strategies to help their businesses grow.

During that time, it became clear to Cheryl that the world of cosmetics was cluttered and oftentimes confusing, and that a minimalistic yet high performance and multi-purpose color line was missing. When she began developing the core collection, she drew inspiration from her newly simplified, decluttered and all around healthier lifestyle following her move from New York to California. She thought this could certainly be applicable to not only her own beauty routine, but also the modern day woman’s. Thus, she created lilah b. – a luxury minimalistic collection of color for a simplified beauty routine.

Cheryl was inspired to create a brand that not only is good for you, it also looks chic. She was frustrated with spending money on luxury products that would break or not wear well after a short time in her makeup bag. When creating the signature “stones”, she focused on luxe, sophisticated packaging that felt organic and soothing to the touch, yet had a classic design element to it. A longtime fan of Elsa Peretti’s iconic designs, Cheryl also drew inspiration from her timeless creations.

Cheryl and her husband live in Northern California, splitting their time between Sausalito and Napa. She lives an active lifestyle of cycling, running and yoga and is passionate about farm-to-table cooking with vegetables from her Napa garden.