Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

Logging into your customer account

You can access your customer portal through the account tab in our navigation menu. If you have not registered an account, you will need to create an account using the same email address used at checkout.

Once your account is registered, you can log in and access your customer portal by clicking on the Manage Subscriptions link.

You can also access your account using a direct link to the customer portal. This link is normally sent in the Subscription Confirmation email when you begin a subscription and the Upcoming Order email

Updating your billing information or email

To update general payment information:

  1. Login to the customer portal.
  2. Click the Payment Methods tab.
  3. Expand the payment method to be adjusted and select Edit.

Payment methods are assigned by address profile. To edit the payment method assigned to a specific address profile:

  1. Login to your customer portal
  2. Click the Subscriptions tab.
  3. Expand the Payment Methods section and update the information.

If you checked out with PayPal, you may be able to edit the payment method in your PayPal settings. Otherwise, you need to cancel the subscription and start a new subscription via checkout.

Update shipping address for a specific subscription

You can update the shipping address for a specific subscription:

  1. Login to your customer portal.
  2. Click on Subscription and scroll down to Shipping Address.
  3. Click the arrow to expand.
  4. Select one of the other shipping addresses.
Note: This only affects the shipping/delivery address, this does not update billing information related to the method of payment.


Update an existing shipping address

You can update existing shipping addresses from the Shipping tab:

  1. Login to your customer portal.
  2. Click on Shipping. This will display all shipping addresses on your customer account.

Click the link on a specific address will allow you to update it as needed or click on the Add Address button to add an address. 

Skip an upcoming order

  1. Once logged into your customer portal, click on Delivery schedule to see all upcoming deliveries for your subscriptions.
  2. To skip a delivery, click Skip.

Edit your next order date

Login to your customer portal to adjust the order date:

  1. Click Subscriptions and then click on Edit
  2. You will be taken to a page where you can edit the next order date for your subscription. 
  3. Once you select the new charge date you can click on the Update next shipment date.

Adding a new lilah b. product to your subscription

You can easily add new products to your upcoming shipment directly in your customer portal. The below guide provides instructions on how to access the customer portal and add a new product to your subscription.

Step 1 - Access your customer portal

You can access your customer portal in two ways:

  • Click the unique customer portal link sent to you via email or SMS.
  • Log into your customer account on our website.

Step 2 - Add a product to your subscription

  1. Once logged in, select the Subscriptions tab, then click Add a product.  
  2. Search and select the product you would like to add to your account.
  3. In the add product menu, you can make product and charge adjustments. When finished, click Add a product.

Add a one-time product to a subscription

One-time products can be added to your subscription order. Login to your customer portal to add products:

  1. Click the Subscriptions tab and select Edit next to the subscription you want to add a product to. 
  2. Hover over the product you want to add and select Add one-time. This automatically adds the product to your shipment. 

You can also add one-time products using the Add a Product button on the Subscriptions tab.

To manage or delete a one-time product:

  1. Click the Delivery schedule tab.
  2. Select Manage add-on.

Cancel a subscription

In order to cancel your subscription, you will first need to log in to your account.

  1. Login to your customer portal.
  2. Click Subscriptions and Edit.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Cancel Subscription. If required provide a cancellation reason and confirm the cancellation by clicking Proceed.

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