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About Us


lilah b. makes beauty effortless.

From skin prep to color cosmetics, our belief is that real beauty embraces quality…not quantity. Enough with the excessive, the unnecessary, and the wasteful.

Balancing intention and luxury with thoughtful formulations and timeless design, lilah b. brings a simplified routine to your everyday.

Because there’s nothing more beautiful than using only what you need to get all that you want.

With less, you are more.


It all started with a question…. Why?

Why so many products? Why so frivolous and excessive?

Making Northern California her new home, ex-New Yorker Cheryl Foland reimagined her life in the simplicity of having and being enough, and crafted the answer for herself.

“Appreciating high-end, high-performance beauty but missing a cleaner alternative, I chose to create it: a well-curated, clean collection giving women like me the products they truly deserve.”

This is lilah b. — a vision of mindful ingredients, thoughtful formulations, and effortless beauty.

Today, Cheryl continues to focus on every detail — from the luxurious textures to the iconic packaging — leading with authenticity and innovating with intention.

“Uncomplicated, thoughtful, and easy… what beauty should be.”

Picture of Cheryl Yannotti Foland


The 'clean-convert' collection.

Whatever the look, however you wear it, each of lilah b.’s skin-first, multipurpose products give you the prestige quality you expect, only cleaner.

Designed with uncompromising attention to detail and performance, every formulation is crafted with ingredients we stand by.

Sustainable because it’s streamlined.

Purposeful because it does more with less.

lilah b. is the choice when you don’t want to have to choose.