Simplify Your Pet’s Life

National Simplify Your Life Week is almost over and we’re doing something a little different–organizing your pet’s space. We’ve talked about easy meal prep, decluttering and organizing your closet but what about your pet?

Yvonne, our Assistant Marketing Manager, walks us through organizing her dog’s treats and toys.

Being a dog mom

Personally, I’m not much of a hoarder. Living in San Francisco has made me much more conscious about how much stuff I can buy and keep in my small space. I clean out my vanity and closet at least once a month so I don’t start piling things up.

But when it comes to Fleur? I tend to keep A LOT of it. I subscribe to a monthly box called Barkbox (yes, I love my dog that much) where they send me treats and toys for her to play with. Every month is a different theme and it’s pretty amazing. I think I get more excited about it compared to Fleur.

After a couple of months, I started noticing that I had a hard time going through treats and toys so the collection just kept growing. When National Simplify Your Life week came around, I decided to declutter my dog’s space.

I pulled out all the treats I had and her toys from her toy box so I can take a hard look at what I’m throwing out. I checked the expiration dates on the treats and tossed out the old ones.

Dog Mom Tip: Write the date when you opened the treats so you can keep track of how long you’ve been keeping the bags.

On to the toys. This was a hard one because my dog LOVES toys. When I try to clean up and put away her toys in the box, she will take them all out again. I threw out any toys that my dog had torn to shreds and kept a few of her favorites–her 90’s cellphone and beloved porcupine.

The end result was satisfying. I honestly felt much better and I know that it will be easier now to find and keep track of Fleur’s things. I hope she appreciates it.


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